How is the music fountain intelligent

When people dance, they will express certain emotions through dancing, and the music fountain can also express cheerful or gentle emotions through its own water pattern. Especially when the music is melodious, the water type changes of the music fountain seem to be endowed with more emotional colors. How is this intelligent design controlled?

The principle of music fountain is to use the physical waveform of the music file to divide it into several sections with an accuracy of ten milliseconds, and automatically identify the basic emotional characteristics of the music such as shock, missing, lyrical, joy, excitement, sadness, joy, enthusiasm and so on. , and then converted to the control signal of the fountain. After synchronous processing, it is output to the peripheral specific control unit through the signal output card, that is, the submersible pump, solenoid valve, underwater lantern and frequency converter are controlled according to the water type configuration rules, and the visual experience and auditory experience are integrated.

We often encounter this situation when we watch the music fountain: when the musical instrument reaches its climax, when the water column sprays to the highest point, there is a sound like a salute along with the music. What's going on? In fact, this is the use of the latest gas explosion technology in the performance plan, which can be called a welcome salute in colloquial terms. It is understood that gas explosion fountain technology is currently rare in domestic music fountains. It often appears in symphony music, and the purpose is to push the atmosphere of the square to a climax.

By the way, let's popularize the principle of the gas explosion fountain: it is composed of an air compressor, a high-pressure gas tank, a valve, and a nozzle. During the fountain performance, the air compressor will pressurize the air pressure in the high-pressure gas tank to a certain pressure in advance. During the air explosion performance, the valve will be opened instantly, and the high-pressure gas will rush the water flow in the nozzle into the air to form a strong water-vapor combination. Produces a popping sound. The water jet of this type of fountain is controlled by a special solenoid valve, the opening and closing speed is fast, and it can run quickly, producing an eye-catching effect.

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