Fountain Can Moisten The Ambient Air And Reduce Dust

07 Mar 2019

The fountain is a natural landscape, a ground outcrop of pressurized water. The musical fountain in the garden is usually designed for the need of landscaping, with a decorative water spray device constructed artificially. The fountain can moisten the ambient air, reduce dust and reduce the temperature. The tiny droplets of the fountain collide with the air molecules, producing a large number of negative oxygen ions. Therefore, the fountain is beneficial to improve the city’s appearance and improve the residents ‘ physical and mental health.

Fountain Can Moisten The Ambient Air And Reduce Dust

The principle of a fountain is a conservation of momentum, from a large radius pipe to a small radius pipe, which produces a velocity change that rushes toward the direction of the deviation from the ground. The speed of the large radius is driven by the pump, and the velocity in the small radius is the original velocity and the speed of the momentum conversion. You need to select a micro-element to calculate the momentum conservation so that you can find speed, this speed is the exit speed, then it is a throw motion, this is the ideal situation, no friction, no wind.

Fountain Can Moisten The Ambient Air And Reduce Dust

The fountain landscape can be divided into two broad categories:

One is to local conditions, according to the site topography structure, modeled after natural waterscapes, such as Wall springs, springs, fog springs, pipe flow, streams, waterfalls, water curtain, drop, Shu Tao, Whirlpool and so on.

The second is to rely entirely on fountain equipment artificial landscaping. This kind of waterscape is widely used in the construction field, the development speed is very fast, the variety is various, has the music fountain, the program-controlled fountain, the swing fountain, the running fountain, the bright fountain, the amusement fountain, the Ultra high fountain, the laser water curtain movie and so on.

Fountain Can Moisten The Ambient Air And Reduce Dust

The fountain is constructed by artificial plastic or natural spring pool, to spray beautiful water posture, for people to watch the waterscape. The fountain is an important part of a garden. In modern gardens, in addition to plant landscapes, fountain is also an important landscape, it is not only a waterscape art, embodies the dynamic, static combination, the formation of a bright and lively atmosphere, to the enjoyment of beauty; At the same time, the fountain can increase the anion content in the air, to purify the air, increase air humidity, reduce the ambient temperature, etc. So deeply loved by people.

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Originally published 07 Mar 2019, updated 07 Mar 2019.

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