Everything You Need to Know Before You Make Your Musical Fountain Purchase

17 Jan 2019

Purchasing a water feature for your home or office can be one of the best ways to add some elegance to your living space. The right water fountain will not only take your décor to the next level but it will be the perfect way to help you and your guests relax. To be successful in finding the perfect water fountain for your home you need to take a few key factors into consideration. Below are the most important things to think about before you spend your hard earned money on a subpar fountain:

Everything You Need to Know Before You Make Your Musical Fountain Purchase

Fountain Placement

Carefully consider where you want to place your fountain. This is important as it will dictate the size, shape, and style of fountain best suited for your needs. There are specially designed fountains to fit on corners or against walls. These uniquely designed units can give your home that extra special touch that your guests are sure to enjoy.

Materials used in Construction

While fountains can come in many different materials there are some that are preferred over others. Prior to selecting your fountain material, you should consider where you plan to place your fountain and if you will need to move it. Winter can wreak havoc on a fountain and its pumps. You must consider what you will do with your pump during the offseason. Many water feature enthusiasts choose to bring their fountains into their home for the winter season as this can significantly increase the fountains’ life expectancy.

Cast Stone

Cast stone is one of the most common types of construction used to make fountains. This is an excellent building material that can withstand a lifetime of outdoor use. Cast stone fountains look great and other than their sheer weight, they are a great choice for anyone looking for a fountain to last the rest of their life.


Fiberglass water fountains are not as durable as their cast stone counterpart but they are much lighter and can come in a wide variety of finishes. Fiberglass water fountains are usually found in the home or office with many being wall hanging units. Wall hanging water features need to be constructed from fiberglass to keep their weight manageable when they are operating.


Ceramic fountains like the Orange 7" Ceramic Owl Tabletop Fountain, have their own unique glazed look that can be attributed to their making. Ceramic fountains are forged in 1000 degree ovens and most are 100% self-contained. These unique water features are perfect for use on your patio or terrace.

Everything You Need to Know Before You Make Your Musical Fountain Purchase

Fountain Manufacturers

You should always stick to reputable brands when purchasing a water feature for your home or office. Quality is paramount and a subpar purchase could result in a leaky fountain causing damage. Avoid this error by going with a reputable brand you can trust. The best water fountains will always include a warranty that will cover everything but normal wear and tear.

Fountain Pumps

A quality pump is important for anyone looking to keep their water feature running for most of the day. It is crucial that you only use the right size pump for your fountain. If you upgrade your pump to more pressure you may get an unexpected amount of splash from your basin that can result in damage to your flooring if your fountain is inside.


Many water features, especially outdoor units can be extremely heavy. They will need to be transported by a freight company. Freight companies in most cases use a liftgate service and drop-off via curbside delivery. Be prepared with a local landscaper or a few friends to move your fountain into place.

Everything You Need to Know Before You Make Your Musical Fountain Purchase

Fountain Assembly

Your fountain will need to be assembled prior to use. Always read the directions all the way through before you start your assembly to ensure you don’t get stuck halfway through the process. While most fountains are self-explanatory some require special installation requirements to work properly. Determine if you will need help with installation. Some larger fountains have pieces that are too heavy to be moved by a single person. If this is the case, plan ahead by finding someone to help with the installation process.

Fountain Maintenance

You should also consider your maintenance needs. Your water feature will need to be monitored at first to see the splash level isn't too much and that there are no leaks in the system. Monthly cleanings are going to be needed to keep your fountain functioning in the pristine condition and you will also need to winterize your fountain if you are not bringing it in for the snowy months.

Everything You Need to Know to Buy the Perfect Fountain

Now that you know what to look for in your next fountain investment, you are ready to go and transform your home into a relaxation zone of comfort. Stick to the tips in this guide and you are guaranteed to find the perfect fountain for your home or office.

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Originally published 17 Jan 2019, updated 17 Jan 2019.

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