Dry Musical Fountain

08 Mar 2019


The dry fountain, also known as the dryland fountain and the dry musical fountain, is referred to as the dry spray. It means placing the fountain facility underground, with the sprinklers and lights placed below the mesh cover. When spraying water, the jetted water column is sprayed through the paving holes such as the cover plate or the granite to achieve the effect of not occupying the leisure space but also viewing the fountain. The pool, the nozzle and the light are hidden under the cover plate, and the water column is sprayed through the small hole between the cover plates, and the surface is clean and wide when the water is not sprayed.

Dry Musical Fountain


When not spraying water, it can be used for pedestrians to walk without obstructing traffic. The dryland fountains do not occupy leisure space, but also fountains, providing visitors with a place to play near water. The surface is decorated with smooth and beautiful stone, paved into various patterns and shapes. When the water is sprayed, it is full of charm under the background of the lantern. The dryland fountain is suitable for hotels, parks, shopping malls, buildings, streetscapes, and other places.

Dry Musical Fountain

Application examples

Guangzhou Zhengjia Square The main entrance is a dry spray. Guangzhou Beijing Road Pedestrian Street.

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Originally published 08 Mar 2019, updated 08 Mar 2019.

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