Do you know how to make a music fountain

21 Aug 2020

There are many types of music fountain , and fountain installations are also diverse. Different surrounding buildings make the fountain design more perfect. Urban fountains are generally designed in places where the city is more conspicuous. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the design of the fountain style. The fountain design mainly uses frequency converters to control the rhythm of changes. The most widely used is the musical fountain, with various playing forms, dynamic rhythm, and changing lighting effects, giving people the most intuitive feeling. The dynamic sense of water makes people feel the dynamic beauty in a pleasing viewing, so the musical fountain Rhythm is very important. The rhythm of music is constantly changing, fast and slow, and the effect of the water column and the change of lighting must also be changed in a unified rhythm, so that you can experience the charm of the musical fountain in a uniform rhythm and experience more The rhythm of the musical fountain is the most important design point. Try to make the rhythm as variable as possible. It can be combined with the characteristics of the city and fully integrated with the characteristics of the city. The lighting design should also be rich and experience more in the continuous change Lots of fun and feel the charm of the musical fountain. The fountains in the urban gardens, on the one hand, serve the needs of landscaping. In general, artificial waterscapes can be divided into two categories: one is tailored to local conditions, based on the topographic structure of the site, imitating natural waterscapes, such as wall springs, springs, mist springs, pipes, streams, waterfalls, water curtains, and falls. Water, water waves, whirlpools, etc. The second is to rely entirely on fountain equipment for artificial landscape design. This type of waterscape fountain is widely used in urban construction. It has a fast development speed and a wide variety of types. Watercolor fountain factories: musical fountains, dry land fountains, program-controlled fountains, swing fountains, running fountains, bright fountains, interesting fountains, shouting fountains, super high Fountains, laser water curtain movies, etc.

A beautiful musical fountain can bring people a comfortable and happy mood, as well as infinite value. The musical fountain is a dance of light and shadow, and the concert of music and visitors is the collection of water, sound, light, electricity, beauty and High-tech combined with elegant artwork. There are many styles of musical fountains, which are designed and customized according to the needs of customers.

1. Music fountains are mainly used in large squares, theme parks, artificial lakes, playgrounds, schools and other performance venues. When choosing, consider adaptability to the local environment. The square is more beautiful, the park is more interactive, and artificial Lakes tend to be green, and playgrounds tend to be entertaining.

Do you know how to make a music fountain

2. The music fountain is unique because it needs the cooperation of music. The lights of different scenes reflect different emotional needs. At this time, it is necessary to make the correct music match.

3. When making fountains and waterscapes, it is necessary to take the connection of water quality as an important plan basis. Even if this is likely to affect the price of musical fountains, everyone must do so. Because once the waterscape is polluted, no matter how effective the fountain is, it will be greatly reduced.

4. When designing a musical fountain, it is necessary to consider the power of launching in the water, the quietness of the lighting power supply, the anti-slip and fall prevention of the paving surface, and the rate of jet flow, etc., these points need to be considered in place, except for the price of the musical fountain. In addition, these factors have a certain influence on the final effect of the musical fountain.

When designing, as experienced designers, you also need to plan water features according to the circumstances, because water is inseparable from the container, and the opportunities for water features are not indifferent. Its formation must be conditional and inseparable. Existing situation.

When designing, as experienced designers, you also need to plan water features according to the circumstances, because water is inseparable from the container, and the opportunities for water features are not indifferent. Its formation must be conditional and inseparable. Existing situation.

Do you know how to make a musical fountain by yourself ?

How does the automatic fountain work? This is done using the pressure principle of water and air.

First prepare two sealed cups of the same size (a drink bottle can also be used) and fill each with an equal amount of water (half bottle). Two rubber tubes, a glass tube less than 2 mm thick, and a large water funnel.

First, the funnel and the glass tube should be sealed, and then water is injected into the funnel. The siphon phenomenon is used to make the water enter bottle 1 through the rubber tube. The volume of water in bottle 1 increases and the air in the bottle is pressed to bottle 2, so that the air in bottle 2 The pressure increases, pressing the bottle wall and the water surface, forcing the water in the bottle 2 to flow into the glass tube, and the water is sprayed from the tube under the action of the pressure to form a fountain. The water in the fountain falls and falls into the funnel again, and a new rule is started. In this way, the automatic fountain is completed.

Do you know how to make a music fountain

Precautions for production: 1.The water in the funnel must be sealed with the No. 2 bottle. 2. The opening is at the bottom of the bottle. 3. The spout of the glass tube is thinly burned with fire (but not closed, the length of the tube should be greater than the length of the bottle)

The working principle of the musical fountain is to control the water column according to the played music to achieve the effect of synchronization with the music. The water column is controlled by a water pump, and the water pump is composed of a three-phase asynchronous motor. Enter the power frequency power supply, the speed does not change, and the frequency converter is a device specifically for motor speed regulation. The frequency converter controls the speed of the motor to change the water column.

Changing the frequency changes the speed of the motor and the pressure of the water pump. The different frequencies of the music are processed by the microcontroller and sent to the control end of the variable frequency motor, so that the motor speed changes with the tone, rhythm, and strength of the music, and the pressure of the water pump. With the change, the water sprayed has a high and low change, and several sets of equipment control multiple sets of nozzles. The formation of the fountain is a water pump.

The rhythm and intensity of the music is converted into a control signal. This signal controls a voltage control device. After the power supply passes through this voltage control device, the output voltage also changes with the change of the music, and then the water pump motor is controlled.

The music performance fountain is based on the program controlled fountain by adding a music control system. The computer decodes and encodes audio and MIDI signals, and finally outputs the signal to the control system, so that the fountain’s shape and lighting changes The music is kept in sync, so as to achieve the perfect combination of the changes of the water type, lighting and color of the fountain and the mood of the music, making the fountain performance more vivid and rich in content. Music fountain: It can be changed according to the ups and downs of music. Users can write their favorite music programs in the editing interface. The playback system can achieve a unified atmosphere of music, water, and lighting, and playback synchronization.

Do you know how to make a music fountain


Originally published 21 Aug 2020, updated 21 Aug 2020.

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