Digital Water Curtain

03 Aug 2020

Digital water curtain is with unique cultural connotations, avant-garde design, dazzling colors, exaggerated shapes, and a variety of materials. Like the spring breeze, it creates a free, romantic, relaxed and harmonious space. Let you feel the peace and tranquility from the inside out and experience the breath of natural life.

From the perspective of architectural geomantic omen, "mountains are expensive, water is rich", and landscape is the implied meaning of prosperity and prosperity! From a practical point of view, water energy gives life to the urban landscape and plays a finishing touch. With lighting and music, water gives it a unique charm and soul, and has immortal vitality! The principle of the water curtain is to input water from the bottom reservoir through a water pump (which is roughly divided into submersible pumps and centrifugal pumps. Generally, silent submersible pumps are used. Centrifugal pumps must have a room, because the motor generates strong noise when starting). The top reservoir, and then along the background wall, or water curtain sprinkler spray or wire, transport the water from the height down. Under the background of lights, the water falls freely from top to bottom along the wall or jet stream. The sparkling dynamic water is like a silver wave, which makes people look beautiful and generous, feels new, and makes people look bright and refreshing feeling of it !

1. Suspended water curtain

Hanging line water curtain, also known as pull line water curtain, uses thin transparent silica gel as the medium to guide the water flow down. Due to the existence of the medium, even if it flows down from a high place, it will not fall into the bottom of the pool. Splashing, you can also combine lighting to present different feelings. Of course, the role of the earth's gravity, the higher the water curtain, the greater the degree of difficulty. The verticality of each wire must be quite accurate, and the distance between the wire and the nozzle aperture must be matched seamlessly! Because it is a linear water curtain, the densely arranged design of the thread can also have different effects.

Digital Water Curtain

Disadvantages: Suspended water curtain is not wind-resistant and not suitable for outdoor use.

Advantages: The high permeability of the suspended line water curtain allows you to clearly see the landscape inside and outside, without obscuring the light. The water flow can be tens of meters high under the condition of no wind with the intervention of wires, and the water can enter accurately, quietly and peacefully! At present, the highest project of our company is at Guangcai Home Furnishing Expo Center in Bengbu, Anhui. The height of the water curtain is 26 meters. The wire is made of custom-made stainless steel rope and covered with transparent silica gel!

2. Dream Digital Water Curtain

Dream Digital Water Curtain, also known as (Digital Water Curtain), displays various images and texts under the editing of computer programs through solenoid valves and nozzles, creating an extremely cordial and relaxing atmosphere, which can create an eye-catching atmosphere. Linear water curtains, one by one, water lines descend from the air, matched with the changes in lighting, the patterns are smart and novel! There are many changes. The digital water curtain uses water as its basic element, and the water curtain technology to achieve graphic display effects has completely subverted the previous concepts of music fountains and waterscape lights. The digital water curtain water curtain originated in the United States, and the perfect display of technology in the form of art quickly attracted everyone's attention. It is composed of flowing water, and the flowing water wall can display a variety of patterns and text information styles under the precise control of a computer.

Digital Water Curtain

The function of digital water curtain:

1) Running function: The water curtain jumps with music, and there are dozens of changes in running.

2) Graphic and text function: can type logo standard patterns, text, Chinese characters, English, can display the designed graphics, and have two functions of concave and convex.

3) Sound control function: under the illumination of colored lights, perform rich effects according to the rhythm of music. It is suitable for large-scale performances, large-scale event opening and closing ceremonies, large-scale press conferences, public relations activities, high-end hotels, discos, corporate advertising activities, outdoor bridge decks, squares, etc. It is a new type of water curtain indispensable for various activities and places.

Disadvantages: Not resistant to wind, the top of the water curtain has a clear picture and text. Due to the absence of mediators, the height is too high. The closer the water curtain is to the ground, the water falls faster and the water is dispersed.

Advantages: Flowing water has no mediator. When it is not turned on, there is no visual impact on the landscape, which solves the single problem of the hanging water curtain and the water curtain wall. The form of the water curtain is endless!

3. Water curtain wall

Water curtain wall is the most traditional form of water curtain, also known as overflow wall. The flowing water medium is the wall. The wall is generally made of granite marble and laminated glass, or steel mesh. Due to the limited maximum size of the whole glass, hooks are needed in the joints. And sealant, the intervention of these materials will cause the water to dive when passing through these uneven materials, which greatly affects the effect of flowing water. Therefore, the glass wall is only suitable for small water curtain walls, and large water curtain walls are selected. Granite and steel mesh. The most successful case of using steel mesh as a flowing water medium is the Shanghai K11 Atrium Water Curtain. The water curtain is located in the atrium plaza of a large shopping mall. There are still differential factors for the occlusion of the four walls. Gu uses a special 304 stainless steel mesh as the water curtain mediator. The three-dimensional mesh weave increases the water absorption, making the water curtain better under the influence of breeze. complete!

Disadvantages: Only resistant to breeze, not suitable for outdoor areas with no shelter, the water body has curtain walls as flowing water medium, the vision in the building is affected, and the light is dim! The current is thin, not suitable for distant viewing!

Advantages: The flowing water is stable and can form a wave-like flowing water effect!

About the positioning of the digital water curtain market,The digital water curtain uses a solenoid valve to control the length of the water flow to realize the formation of water patterns. It is now used in all walks of life. What is the market positioning of the digital water curtain? Digital water curtains are generally applicable to hotels, real estate, scenic spots, parks, stages, exhibitions and other occasions. However, after analysis of Guangzhou Yanyi Waterscape, the real estate and tourism industries seem to have a preference for digital water curtains. The initial investment is relatively large because it is an engineering project, and management and maintenance are added in the later stage. Companies with sufficient funds such as real estate and tourism will gain greater advantages in fighting for the water curtain project. The market for digital water curtains is very open and can be used in many industries. For example, some stage and exhibition companies like to use them to promote activities, and they can basically achieve better publicity effects.

Digital Water Curtain


Originally published 03 Aug 2020, updated 03 Aug 2020.

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