Design of the Control System of Music Fountain

15 Aug 2020

With the progress of the times and the further development of automation technology, automation control equipment has entered thousands of households and brought a lot of convenience to people’s work. As a kind of automatic control equipment, has fountain control equipment been widely used? People have increasingly recognized the development and application of automatic laser movie fountain control equipment. The composition of the fountain control equipment control system is the sensor input, the PLC control core and the output module are composed together. The signal from the sensor is sent to the PLC. After the PLC is analyzed, the output control of the fountain is completed. The core of this control is the PLC. This kind of control is done well. The control method used in this article is very stable, has a certain practical value, and the production cost is very low, which can meet the needs of modern life. The level of automation can measure the advanced nature of an enterprise’s production efficiency, and efficient automation control equipment can improve the enterprise’s market competitiveness. A good production enterprise must have supporting production equipment. If the technical level of the production equipment is not enough, the enterprise’s Development has certain limitations. With the development of fountain control equipment in our country, modern production technology can complete a lot of on-site control, which prompts domestic equipment manufacturers to start researching and developing new fountain control equipment, thereby increasing the competition of enterprises. The improvement of the level of automation can promote the improvement of production equipment, improve production efficiency, and ensure the quality of products while accurately completing control.

Design of the Control System of Music Fountain

Music fountain is based on the input of music to complete the control of the output, according to the change of the input to complete the control of the pattern, the height of the water spray and the control of the light color. Music fountains often use timing control to control the fountain action mode according to the needs of the action, so that the required action mode can be completed according to the needs of people. PLC mainly collects music signals, and completes the control of the inverter according to the changes of the music signals, so that the height control of the water pump can be completed. In this way, the site can control the music fountain in real time according to the needs of the site, without providing a fixed control method and music signal, and various forms of music signals can complete the control of the fountain.

Control background and meaning

In recent decades, PLC control systems have been widely used, and the functions of PLC control systems have become more and more perfect. There are more and more applications of PLC in fountain control systems. In recent years, PLC control systems have made great progress. Different PLC functions can be selected according to the needs of fountain control.

Domestic PLC controllers are still dominated by conventional PLC control. Although PLC control systems are widely used in domestic production and life, the development level of domestic PLC controllers is still not high, and there is still a big gap with advanced countries. Related controllers in my country rely heavily on mature foreign technology. Therefore, the development of advanced PLC control technology is a trend we must pay attention to. With the continuous development of science and technology, people have higher and higher requirements for fountain control systems, especially the high-precision, humanized PLC control system is the inevitable trend of the development of domestic and foreign PLC control systems.

Design of the Control System of Music Fountain

Fountain control equipment is a kind of machinery. It has relatively high technical content and requires high control requirements and environmental requirements. According to this need, China has launched a mandatory certification CE certification. With this certification, it is necessary to Manufacturers eliminated the old production lines and introduced new intelligent automated production lines to complete production, so that they can complete the mandatory certification required by the country. For example, the original old production line used relays to control the actions of the entire program, the switchboard occupies a large area, and the wiring is cumbersome, which caused a lot of harm. After equipment improvement, using PLC as the core of control, the required control can be well completed. At present, the annual output value of our fountain control equipment industry is about 2 billion yuan, with an average annual growth rate of more than 9%, which can only meet part of the needs of domestic production enterprises, and a large part of the production equipment needs to be imported. Compared with the equipment, the functionality and reliability of our products can be worse. The main problem is that the PLC control core does not work.

In order to remedy this bad situation, my country's fountain control equipment must complete high-precision control, and actively integrate with international standards, learn foreign advanced technology, and use it in our country's fountain control equipment. The gap between fountain control equipment is mainly mechanical gap and electrical gap, and the gap between machinery is mainly the introduction of high-precision processing equipment. Electric control needs to use PLC to complete the control, so that it can reduce the gap with foreign countries and catch up with foreign countries.

Development status

At present, the domestic research and technical aspects of fountain control equipment have not achieved the most complete results. The funds, quality, and control are still relatively backward, and the technology is not too hard, which is far from the technology of developed countries. Due to the relatively backward domestic fountain control equipment, many fountain control equipment are imported from abroad, which increases the cost. The biggest problem with imported equipment is the future maintenance and repair, which has always been constrained by others. According to effective data research and analysis, the domestic use of fountain control equipment lags behind the level of some developed countries, but in recent years, there have been breakthroughs in technology, the development speed has been significantly increased, the level has also been improved, and the level of technology has been improved.

Foreign fountain control equipment systems mainly use automation equipment to complete the overall fountain control, which can achieve a high degree of automation. In China, due to the late development of fountain control equipment, traditional relay control is now used to complete the heat dissipation action, which is relatively backward.

Foreign fountain control equipment is mainly used in the control system of developed countries, and the degree of automation is getting higher and higher. Fountain control equipment is an essential part of modern factory control. Large and medium-sized manufacturers in Japan and Europe have begun to complete the use of fountain control equipment.

In Europe, Japan and South Korea, fountain control equipment has begun to become very common. With the domestic economic development, fountain control equipment has been used more and more, which has prompted factories to pay more and more attention. The control of domestically produced fountain control equipment is relatively simple. The advantage of domestically produced fountain control equipment is that the price is relatively cheap, but the quality is not as good as foreign imported equipment. This requires the factory to achieve higher quality and quality on the basis of lower prices. The main reason for the difference is that the automation components of the equipment produced are prone to failure, which makes the fountain control equipment not work properly and causes problems. This requires a complete and mature control product to complete the control of fountain control equipment and develop a mature product.

Design of the Control System of Music Fountain


Originally published 15 Aug 2020, updated 15 Aug 2020.

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