Design and Working Principle of Musical Fountain

23 Oct 2020

It has gone through a continuous development. , Today has become more beautiful and trendy. Today I will bring you a principle of musical fountain .

The musical fountain reflects the connotation of music and the theme of music through the ever-changing fountain shape, combined with colorful lighting. A good musical fountain, the change of water shape should be able to fully express the music. A music control system is added on the basis of program control of the fountain. The computer decodes and encodes audio and MIDI signals, and finally outputs the signal to the control system to keep the fountain’s shape and lighting changes synchronized with the music , So as to achieve the perfect combination of the water type, lighting and color changes of the fountain and the music mood, making the fountain performance more vivid and rich in content and embodying the art of water. Music fountain: It can be changed according to the ups and downs of music. Users can write their favorite music programs in the editing interface. The playback system can achieve a unified atmosphere of music, water, and lighting, and playback synchronization.

To put it simply, the principle of the music fountain: In fact, the audio signal is converted into an electric frequency signal. The electric frequency signal is controlled by a frequency converter to make the pressure of the pump change with the rhythm of the music. The water column is controlled according to the played music to achieve the effect of synchronization with the music. The water column is controlled by a water pump, and the water pump is composed of a three-phase asynchronous motor. Without change, the frequency converter is a device specially designed for motor speed regulation. The frequency converter controls the speed of the motor to change the water column. Changing the frequency changes the speed of the motor and the pressure of the water pump. The different frequencies of the music are processed by the microcontroller and sent to the control end of the variable frequency motor, so that the motor speed changes with the tone, rhythm, and strength of the music, and the pressure of the pump With the change, the water sprayed has a level change, and several sets of equipment control multiple sets of nozzles. The formation of the fountain is a water pump. The rhythm and intensity of the music is converted into a control signal. This signal controls a voltage control device. After the power supply passes through this voltage control device, the output voltage also changes with the change of the music, and then the water pump motor is controlled.

In the musical fountain, some companies have adopted the most advanced distributed computer control system based on WINDOWS NT in the world. The system has five characteristics: advanced, open, practical, and safe.

Automatic control technology is the most critical technology in musical fountains, and its main features are shown in the following aspects:

1.High-level music signal processing system

Design and Working Principle of Musical Fountain

Utilizing the international leading technology in language recognition of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Automation, developed a music signal 32-bit computer processing system (MUCS), which performs spectrum analysis and delay processing on the music signal, and extracts effective components suitable for fountain control in the music signal and sends it to the host Control the machine, and can delay the music signal at will to synchronize the fountain and music.

2.Centralized and distributed control system

The fountain is directly controlled by the main control machine, which has the following characteristics:

1. Music signal collection function, extract effective components according to frequency characteristics.

2. Diagnose the fault of the fountain equipment, and can diagnose the operating status of the host, leakage and the working status of the drive cabinet.

3. The Chinese menu-style operating system enables the operator to learn to operate in a short time. It has various dynamic shapes and pattern change display functions of the musical fountain, so that the operator can observe the various changes of the fountain through the computer screen, which is greatly convenient It is used by the music fountain and the operator.

4. Open structure, friendly man-machine interface, communication interface and programming skills are open to users, only need two keys of the mouse to complete the music fountain music, so that it is easy to make the music fountain music library constantly enriched, always for people A refreshing feeling.

5. Direct control of the music fountain, direct drive pump, frequency converter or server.

6. The swing speed and direction control of the swing motor, the maximum control amount is 1024 or more. The fountain controller adopts the MUCS system, which can be connected with any audio source (CD player, recorder, live performance, etc.), so that the music and the fountain can be completely synchronized without distortion of the music signal.

3. Safety and reliability

Design and Working Principle of Musical Fountain

1. Each line of controlled equipment is equipped with overvoltage, overcurrent, and leakage protection devices. Once a fault occurs, it can automatically cut off the power supply to reliably protect the fountain equipment from loss and ensure personal safety.

2. Summarize a set of unique grounding protection methods from industrial control engineering practice to further improve safety.

3. The large-scale use of high-power non-contact relays in the driver part reduces electromagnetic spark interference, greatly reduces the failure of the main circuit, and extends the service life.

As a musical fountain, it is impossible to perform for a long time in one day. This is because firstly, it consumes a lot of power, and secondly, it will lack freshness when it is turned on for a long time, especially when there is no light during the day, the effect is not good. As a scene of the entire square, the fountain needs to consider the artistic effect of water as a fixed attraction in addition to music performances. The use time of the fixed water type is the longest. Therefore, the fountain water type design and selection consider not only the beauty of performing music, but also the effect of waterscape, so the control settings have different functions.

1. Manual control: During the daytime or nighttime music performance, click the mouse to independently open certain water types, forming a combination of fixed shapes. It saves electricity and is most commonly used at ordinary times.

2. Program control: If you want to have different combinations of shape changes, you can turn on the degree function to make the water type change according to the set program, and different shapes will appear, making people feel the beauty of different scenery.

3. Real-time voice control: It is a control method commonly used by most domestic companies at present. Its characteristic is that it can respond to any sound source signal and perform live karaoke, but this control method has some disadvantages.  First of all, the water movement is lagging behind the music, which makes people feel that the fountain movement is not in harmony with the music. Secondly, the appearance combination and duration of the water type are fixed and repeated regardless of any repertoire, so there will be inconsistencies between the performance water type and the emotion expressed by the music. For example, a vigorous musical note may have a swinging water pattern, and when a soft melody, a tall body of water appears, making people’s auditory and visual perceptions inconsistent. Third, the emotional passages of the music do not match the time of the water pattern change, and they are the same.

4. Pre-programming control method: According to the emotion and artistic conception of a certain piece of music, artificially compile the opening and closing of various water types, actions, lights, and water pumps, so that the performance of the fountain matches the emotion and artistic conception of the music. This function has certain comprehensive difficulties in terms of control technology, computer technology, and communication technology.

Design and Working Principle of Musical Fountain


Originally published 23 Oct 2020, updated 23 Oct 2020.

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