Design A Large Musical Fountain In The Landscape

15 May 2020

How is a large musical fountain designed? First, we need to prepare for the design of the musical fountain. In the design of the musical fountain scheme, there is a basic principle that runs through all the time: combining the city's historical and cultural background, economic development status, and natural climatic conditions, it fully displays the unique artistic charm of the fountain landscape.

In order to design a large-scale musical fountain with good results, the preparation work needs to be refined, mainly in the following aspects:

1.The theme of the outdoor large-scale musical fountain design scheme combines local cultural characteristics. Each city has its own cultural background and folklore characteristics. When designing the fountain plan, we must combine local folklore characteristics to dig out the local historical background and closely follow the local cultural connotation. Combine the elements of a musical fountain to highlight the theme.

2. Understand the characteristics of the environment around the fountain landscape, and integrate the fountain landscape with the surrounding environment.

Design A Large Musical Fountain In The Landscape

The outdoor music water fountain is located in different positions, the choice of water type, lighting combination, and audio configuration is different. In pedestrian streets, community gardens, and other occasions, try to choose a shape with a relatively low height and a controlled water drop point, such as jellyfish, cedar, dandelion and so on. Projects that require water interaction must fully consider water pressure factors to prevent the risk of personal injury due to high water pressure and accidents. For those fountain landscapes built in rivers and lakes, because they are far away from the audience, try to choose some thick and tall water patterns to reflect the power and momentum of water. For example, 100-meter high spray, Optimum pillar and so on. Understand the local climate and environmental factors.

3. According to the overall requirements of landscape engineering, develop a practical design plan. Different types of musical fountains correspond to different functionalities, such as whether to make the fountain a fountain sketch to embellish the environment or as a comprehensive musical fountain performance feast; whether it is used all day or mainly at night; it must be in the early stage of the design of the musical fountain Have clear opinions.

Also ,the fountain light is aslo very important about fountain . how to choose fountain light of fountain equipment?

Fountain equipment led underwater wholesale fountain light is also called an aquarium lamp, underwater lamp. Generally speaking, LED lamps are installed at the bottom of the water. Led underwater lights are mainly used in large swimming pools, fountains, large fish farms, aquariums, marine life halls and other underwater lighting occasions.

To select the fountain led underwater wholesale fountain light, we need to see several hard objectives of the fountain led underwater lamp:

First of all, the protection level of the most basic fountain led underwater light:

1. Dustproof grade

According to the national standard, the dust-proof level of lamps is divided into 6 levels. Among them, the 6th level is that the dust-proof level of LED underwater wholesale fountain light shall reach 6, with the mark of ip6x.

2. Waterproof grade

According to the national standard, the waterproof level of wholesale fountain light is divided into 8 levels. The sixth stage is splash type, the seventh stage is watertight and the eighth stage is pressurized watertight. Level 8: the waterproof level of LED underwater wholesale fountain light shall be up to level 8, with the mark of ipx8.

To sum up the above two requirements, the dust-proof level of LED underwater lamp is 6, and the water-proof level is 8, with the mark of IP68.

Second, the safety function

In the scene situation, the selection of LED underwater wholesale fountain light takes personal safety as the top factor. It is necessary to use LED underwater lights with 12V or 24V safety voltage according to the requirements of the national standard.

Design A Large Musical Fountain In The Landscape

The raw material of LED underwater wholesale fountain light

The fountain led underwater lamp is immersed in the water for a long time, and its working environment is water or other liquid, with the characteristics of conductivity, etc., so its shell raw materials should have certain anti-corrosion, water-proof, dust-proof, leakage proof, corrosion-resistant and other functions, and the surface paint layer should be solid. Moreover, the shape and raw materials of lamps are related to the specific gravity of lamps. If the specific gravity is too small, a large buoyancy will occur. Simply loosen the fixing screw of the fountain led underwater lamp, so that the wholesale fountain light floats on the water surface, and too heavy makes the lamp bracket difficult to support.

Final economy

The economy of the fountain led underwater lamp refers to the sum of the investment and operation cost of the lamp. Generally speaking, led underwater lights with good quality to have a high quotation, long service life, and small operation cost. On the contrary, led underwater lights with poor quality to have a low quotation, but they are often blind due to water leakage and leakage, which not only increases operation cost, but also affects the acceptance of all projects. as well as the personal safety of construction personnel, etc. Then the common specification parameters of LED underwater wholesale fountain lights are:

The main parameters of the fountain led underwater lamp are as follows:

IP level 68

Operating voltage: AC12V / 24V

Display: always on / colorful

Color: red, yellow, blue, green, white, seven colors, warm white

Shell material: stainless steel or engineering plastic

Design A Large Musical Fountain In The Landscape


Originally published 15 May 2020, updated 15 May 2020.

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