Commercial value and artistic function of musical fountain

Commercial value and artistic function of musical fountain

A. The beautification and environmental protection function of the musical fountain

In various types of fountains, the functions displayed by the fountains are also the main functions of fully demonstrating beautification and environmental protection. On the one hand, the musical fountain shows the aura and strength of the builders, shows the grade of the residential quarters and the scale of the beautification of the environment, or the decoration and embellishment function of the city square or commercial square, all play a finishing touch. On the other hand, water feature fountains, especially large musical fountain performances, play an environmentally friendly and healthy function to the surrounding environment and people. Because the water mist generated during the water spraying process can moisten the surrounding air, reduce dust, lower the temperature, and the water can be processed and recycled; a good environment also saves a lot of water resources. The impact of water droplets ejected from the fountain produces a large amount of negative oxygen ions, which is quite beneficial to human health.

B. The artistic function of musical fountain

Throughout the history of world fountain development and the past and present of musical fountains, only those fountains with simple craftsmanship, classic artistic modeling and full of vitality can the development elements of the fashion industry be as everlasting. In the fountain performance, especially the artistic effects of the musical fountain, the climax is repeated, and the radiant rays of the sky are shot into the sky, a gorgeous visual feast combining sound, light, electricity, water and fire. Generally speaking, the artistic effect of fountain requires the continuous innovation of the fountain design company's ingenious ideas and solid landscape construction practical experience to coordinate with the landscape of the surrounding urban buildings, strive for harmony and unity, and reflect the combination of light and color. Combination of function and art. The successful realization of these artistic design concepts is inseparable from several artistic effects design links such as scheme conception, effect design, three-dimensional animation design and construction drawing design.

C. Commercial value of musical fountain

Musical fountain and other large-scale musical fountain performance water show besides beautifying environmental protection and artistic effects, there are also commercial value functions. The water feature fountain not only brings an amazing water show performance to the local citizens, but also gives the visitors a feeling of being inaccessible but still in it. While the overall performance achieves a shocking stage art effect, it also enhances the image of the city and further enhances the attractiveness of tourist attractions. This not only leaves a thriving scene for people who come to invest in the city, but also brings a rich flow of people to the commercial areas around the musical fountain, which has commercial investment value.

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