Asia’s Large Music Fountain

05 Dec 2018

Asia the first big music fountain, namely south lake music fountain is located in Luoyang district conference and exhibition center, it has a number of the world: the world of the 369 m CNC longest running springs, 120000 square meters of the world's most widespread integrated water scene, the world's first high-tech changed fountains of water, the world's most precise NC positioning system, the longest of the world's highest frequency array.

Asia’s Large Music Fountain

Music fountain introduction

The music fountain, the largest in Asia, namely the music fountain in south lake, is located in the exhibition center of Luoyang new district. It has many worlds.

The most: 369 meters of the world's longest CNC running spring, 120,000 square meters of the world's largest comprehensive waterscape, the world's first high-tech variable fountain water shape, the world's most accurate CNC positioning system, the world's highest and longest frequency conversion array. Music fountain with peony as the main modeling elements, beautiful lines, a total of 5698 nozzles of various types, underwater lights 22116, a fountain dedicated pump 1407, all the equipment by 10 professional computers through the network multi-level interconnection control technology to control. It becomes another beautiful scenery besides peony during the flower party.

Asia’s Large Music Fountain


Luoyang south lake music fountain is located in the middle section of a kaiyuan avenue, Luoyang new district, directly opposite Luoyang government building.

Asia’s Large Music Fountain

The landscape of the most

The longest CNC running spring: 369 meters in length.

The largest comprehensive water scene in the world: the fountain area is about 120,000 square meters.

The first high-tech ever-changing fountain water shape: ever-changing fountain.

The most accurate CNC positioning system: 360 degrees of undifferentiated positioning CNC sway.

Maximum and longest frequency conversion array:

Asia’s Large Music Fountain

Landscape features

The fountain takes peony flower as the main modeling element, has each kind of sprinkler head 5698, the underwater colored lamp 22116, the fountain specialized pump 1407 sets, all equipment is controlled by 10 computer systems through the network multilevel interconnection control technology, blooms the graceful line. As the music played, jets of water rose from the lake to a height of up to 180 meters. Curtain water curtain combination or such as peony in full bloom, or like a hundred flowers zheng yan, and such as peacock open screen, or imitation jinpeng wings, straight to the sky, changes out of a group of highly dynamic beautiful shape...Water changes, let a person dizzying. The amorous feelings of water, make a person relaxed and happy, the rhythm of water, it is such a moving soul.

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Originally published 05 Dec 2018, updated 05 Dec 2018.

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