Amazing Musical Fountain Graphic Water Curtain

19 Oct 2018

Amazing Musical Fountain Graphic Water Curtain

Digital water curtain also belong one kind of musical fountain . The water curtain is a dynamic water flow with high-density free fall, and the dynamic water culture landscape of various patterns, characters and figures is formed by high-tech control technology to precisely control the change of water flow time difference. According to the high control technolge, it can be divided into descriptionnormal digital water curtain and high-definition digital water curtain.

The difference between normal and high-definition waterfall

Normal digital water curtain is due to lack the technology and experience of non-professional manufacturers. The number of nozzles is limited and rough, and the relative resolution is low. The displayed patterns, characters and figures are not clear enough. Digital water curtain; high-definition digital water curtain is composed of water curtain single drainage flow with a large number of fine and delicate, relatively high resolution, the displayed patterns, words, figures are clear; according to the control method can be divided into program-controlled digital water curtain, music digital water curtain and real-time digital water curtain program-controlled digital water curtain is automatically controlled by the program to control the pattern, text, number in a preset order, resulting in a very magical visual experience; music digital water curtain is also called high-end digital water Curtain, can combine the preset pattern, text, digital changes and music rhythm to achieve synchronous display effect, resulting in a very shocking audio-visual experience; real-time digital water curtain is also called human-computer interaction water curtain, that is, on the touch screen Drawing content, real-time display in the water curtain, look like more interesting.

Amazing Musical Fountain Graphic Water Curtain

Application range

Science museum, museum, stage, bar, lobby, exhibition hall, shopping mall, venue, real estate, etc.

Digital water curtain function

1. Graphic function: It can print logo standard pattern, number, Chinese character, English, and has yin and yang effect, and can display the design graphic arbitrarily.

2, running function: under the illumination of colored lights, the water flow is arbitrarily running, jumping and so on.

3, clock function: you can arbitrarily set the clock time, date, week, time and so on.

4, interactive function: through the touch screen, you can play any selection map / graffiti / text.

5, you can also customize any functional requirements, only you can not think of it, no we can not.

6, as long as the mouse can achieve infinite results, no need for complicated operation, more humane.

Amazing Musical Fountain Graphic Water Curtain Amazing Musical Fountain Graphic Water Curtain

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Originally published 19 Oct 2018, updated 19 Oct 2018.

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