What kind of fountain is used in different occasions

27 Oct 2022

The types of music fountain used in different occasions are also different. The common forms of music fountain are: water-based water model, water simulation priority with water, and main waterscape modeling. There are three common manifestations of musical fountains: landscape fountains, floating fountains and dry fountains. The following editor will give you a detailed introduction to the knowledge about music fountains for your reference.

What kind of fountain is used in different occasions

1.What are the common forms of music fountain?

Water-based water model: The quiet pool is wide and calm, and the water pavilion can form reflections in the water, rocks, plants and other things, which can increase the level of landscape and beauty. If there is a small ripple in the water, it can make the reflection more vivid and colorful. If a pool is configured with rocks, clockwork, cultured aquatic plants, and fish, it can add more refined taste to life. Due to the simple structure, low cost, less water and energy consumption, low operating cost, no noise, simple maintenance, and management of static pools, it allows more practical applications. The size of the wave pool is that small waves can also be used to make waves that can make waves recede along gently sloping beaches, and can also make huge swells panting on steep rocky cliffs. The combination of wave pool and large fish, such as aquarium construction and breeding, can play the effect of increasing the scenery, and strengthen the water with oxygen filling effect, and play the role of cleaning water quality.

What kind of fountain is used in different occasions

Priority for water simulation with water: the flow of water does not have to be large, wide and deep river water, it is important to use the terrain flexibly, flow, flow subtly, and apply with applications such as flow, organic, and rock, small Bridges and flowing water, pavilions, flowers and trees, appropriately, weave through the impact of the water when the delay, jumping, when the song is straight, the scenery makes the drainage water gurgling, the spray flashes, cheerful and lively, changeable. The consumption of water and energy is generally not large, and rolling stones do not produce moss, have a certain self-purification ability, and can also use a slow river section with countless fish and crabs..

The main waterscape modeling: the natural terrain has broken rocks and cliffs, the steep slopes can be cut and the rockery can also be made by hand, the steep cliffs can form a proxy waterfall, the autumn caused by the flood, the snow waves, the beautiful rainbow sky of water vapor landscape. It can also make the air flow the water curtain, resulting in a crystal and transparent side air curtain, and can also form the water layer wall flow along the steep hillside, or splash, or water film. The drool is generally thin and transparent, soft, light and charming, and can be formed naturally. The lively and lovely shape, which is properly matched with sculptures, drops, etc., presents a strong artistic effect.

What kind of fountain is used in different occasions

2. Form of music fountain

One is the landscape fountain, which is a facility that is often used in various landscape designs. This kind of fountain is generally small in scale and simple in color, mainly to highlight the entire landscape. In the design of the landscape fountain, the most important thing is to make the space environment vivid, so that the value of its existence can be reflected. The other is a floating fountain, which is a fountain that uses a floating facility to install the fountain on some specific occasions. If a lifting system is added on the basis, the lifting function can also be realized, which is important for the daily maintenance of the fountain and the antifreeze in winter. Very beneficial.

There is also a dry fountain, which is generally placed underground, and creates different effects through surface decoration such as stone. Musical fountain is a typical dry fountain, with the cooperation of music, water spews out from the ground.


Originally published 27 Oct 2022, updated 27 Oct 2022.

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